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A plant nursery in Chennai that offers all kinds of nursery services including Terrace Gardens, Corporate Undertaking and much more. Our hearts but strive for giving urban houses a special house plant that they can care for.

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Wholesale to more than half of the nurseries in Chennai.

Decades of Experience in Corporate Undertakings.

100% Full Organic Fertilization. ZERO Chemicals used.

Gardener - Karuna Nursery

Welcome to your favorite plant growers!

Our passion for gardening is only met by our love for helping out other fellow gardeners get green thumbs. We at Karuna Nursery have been reshaping landscapes for the past 16 years. Our trained specialists have years of experience under their hands and love getting their hands dirty. Our wide range of plants and trees are here to be re-potted in your garden. Need a plant that purifies the air, a creeper to add flair to your walls, or rare exotic flowering plants that could be your prized possession? At Karuna, we have got it all and a service that goes above and beyond. We just want everyone to have the best garden they can, it’s that simple. Browse through our wide range of botanical wonders on our plants’ page and drop by our nursery to chat with us and take in the experience for real.

Our Services

House & Terrace Garden

Need help with your garden? Karuna Nursery knows that a garden is more than just…

Landscape Work

Your garden landscape is the canvas upon which your beautiful flowers are going to be…

Rental Plants

You want to make a difference in your home or workplace with plants that stimulate…

Vertical Garden

Regardless of where you live, we firmly believe that you can take advantage of some…

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