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We always knew that we had a special touch with plants. An intimate relationship with nature has helped us grow thousands of plants all around India. Karuna nursery has been in the field of making the planet a greener place for more than 20 years. The love for growing and caring for all botanical life has been a trait in the Karuna lineage for generations. Our traditional and organic methods of raising plants with 0% usage of chemicals mean at the end of the day you will have a garden to be proud of. Going the old school way does not mean that we do not adapt to the times. Right from global standard landscaping equipment to high-end drainage equipment, we have got it all.

Karuna Nursery is your one-stop shop for all things plant related. We specialize in indoor plants and pre-grown fruit plants –  we just love giving the best for our customers. In this increasingly hectic world, people in the cities don’t find the time to actually wait for 5 years for their plant to start fruiting. This is where the pre-grown fruit plants come in. Interesting in learning more about us? Just take a scenic drive along East Coast Road – Chennai and drop by to find paradise. Find your perfect plant right now at Karuna.

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