How to Care for your Aloe Plant?

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Aloe Vera plants are succulents. These means that they are pretty much set in the watering department and do not need any micromanaging watering routine to keep them from dying. But if you want your aloe plant to be plump green extra healthy and happy there are a few things you need to note down.

Start with a well-draining pot. This means that your pot should have holes in them that allow the extra water to filter out. Water your aloe plant thoroughly. This means letting the soil hydrate until the surplus water runs off through the drain holes. Wait for the soil to dry out until you water it again.

This method of hydrating the water is called Deep Watering. Deep watering flushes out the salts and lets the roots get the best out of the soil. Remember to water your aloe plant more often in the summer and cut down the water half in winter when it’s not growing.


Now comes the question about light. How much light is good enough for your plump little aloe plant? Aloe Vera plants need approximately 8 hours of sunlight every day. Anything much less or much more is going to lead to a dried out weak plant. A good idea is to keep your plant near an east facing or west facing window. This allows the perfect amount of light to reach your plant. North or South facing windows should not be your prime choice. If you live in a place where you do not have an east/west facing window, or the path of light is blocked, then you can always depend on artificial light.


Do you notice browning or wilting in your aloe plant? This might be mainly because of two reasons. Overwatering or too much sunlight. For aloe plants, it is not about frequent watering. Like I mentioned before, use the deep watering method to get the thing started in the right direction. The next step would be to move your plant to a west facing window. Get this done and you will start to see a noticeable change in the health of your aloe plant.

Leaves Falling Over?

The thing about aloe plants is that they do not have a very deep and strong root system. In such cases, a heavy and spread out aloe plant is surely going to have its fair share of flopping and toppling over. Do not worry. In most cases, this means your plant is really healthy. All the moisture-laden leaves can be a little too much for the weak roots. To stop your plant from toppling over, remove some of the pups from the plant to release some of the strain on the root ball or use stakes to hold the plant upright. Make sure the root ball is just under the soil enough that the lowest leaves touch the surface of the soil.

Final Thoughts

At Karuna Nursery, we love sharing the best ways to care for plants. Get out there and get your fingers dirty in the soil! It’s the best feeling. Do you want to learn about the best way to care for a plant? Just drop down the name of the plant and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Have something to add about aloe plant care, or do the above tips not work for you? Do share your experience down below and we’ll reach out to you asap. Keep reading and learning about your favorite plants right here. Until next time.

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