Balcony Gardening with Karuna Nursery

What is the biggest barrier for a gardener trapped in an urban jungle? Space of course. The lack of space gives you a constrained environment to experiment freely with your plants an idea. But hey, don’t give up on your dreams so easy! I’ve got the perfect plan for you to set up an amazing garden right in your home and guess what, you don’t even need a backyard or a huge lawn. All you need is a balcony! I can tell that the idea of having your very own garden in the balcony excites you. So without further ado, let’s just dive right in and check out somethings you need to know.

Keep it simple

With the prospect of an exciting garden opening up, you would definitely want to fill it with all kinds of plants right to the brim. But going overboard is not exactly helping your case. We’ll have to deal with overgrowth, pruning and overall care. Not to mention the insects and rodents that might pop up if you build a jungle. Start simple. Choose plants that do not need delicate attention. When you start off in this manner, you will have the time and space to actually understand your garden well enough to deal with tougher plants and situations in the future.

Think about the Plantation Pots


The absence of actual ground soil is kind a disadvantage here. But don’t let that bother you. With the right pots, you can definitely plant your favorite flora right here. Did you know that Karuna Nursery Gardens has the largest collection of pots in Chennai? We have every kind of pot that you might want under the sun. With perfect draining holes and pots made of almost every material conceivable, you can get it all under one roof. Do your research or just go through our website to find the right kind of pot for your plant.

Get your light right

Never underestimate the importance of lighting for your garden. You are blessed if you have a garden that is facing the right direction providing you with all the sun you need. The right amount of sun doesn’t mean the melting hot rays scorching your balcony. Just the right amount will do. The best part for gardeners based in Chennai and south India is that we enjoy tropical climate without worries of winter. This being will have days with continuous rain. Make sure that you have some sort of structure that regulates this water so that only the right amount of water gets in.


Clumping together all your plants and pots into a heap surely is not helping your cause. I believe that this point is not something that needs to be said out loud. But some people(like me) like gardens with a little bit of character to them. This forces people like me to let them outgrow each other and get wild. This technique sure works wonders for your outdoor garden. But attempting to do this in your balcony might backfire on you in a number of ways. Because we are relying on heavily on pots for your plants, the jumbled up leaves and plants just mush together in an unhealthy fashion without having space to spread in the directions they desire.


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These are some of the important tips you need to keep in mind when you are building a garden in your balcony. Keep these points in mind. And here is an additional tip that can help you out too. Use compost when necessary. Because you are growing them in pots, the nutrients in the soil drain out at some point. Getting some egg shells and compost can recharge your soil, letting your plant grow out healthy. That’s all the gardening tips for the day. Do read more of our blogs and check us out on ECR – Karuna Nursery Gardens and find out the perfect indoor plant for your office desk right now.

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