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Something about palms brings out a charming exotic vibe to your indoors. These long tall tree with such elegantly shaped leaves remind us of the sandy beaches and sand dunes from the farthest deserts. Considered generally to the perfect plant for outdoors, modern genetic engineering and plant growth strategies, allow us to raise these majestic plants right inside your house. The size of the plant and its vibrant essence sure can boost the look of your house. Considered generally to the perfect plant for outdoors, modern genetic engineering and plant growth strategies, allow us to raise these majestic plants right inside your house.

As all things special and unique in the world, growing an exotic palm indoors do come with its own challenges. A good gardener is always looking for ways to improve his game. And this is the perfect plant to put your green thumb to test.


Palms grow in some very extreme situations. First, in arid deserts and second, in lush, green jungles. You can help these plants thrive inside the home by providing the desert palms with a bare room and polished wood floors. This echoes the idea of these plants growing in a barren desert landscape. If you put the palms in with other foliage plants with green carpet or green patterned wallpaper, you are then helping them adapt in the home when they would normally grow in a jungle. You can also achieve this at a smaller scale with a group of foliage plants such as foliage begonias, selaginellas, and small ferns, grown in a glass case.

Palms are known to prefer light, but not strong light and especially when they are young. They do not like drafts and sudden changes in temperature. Some of them, though, prefer a regular slight drop in temperature at night. Palms grow best when you let their roots fill the pot. They need soil-based potting compost and should not be reported unnecessarily. They are sensitive to chemicals and will be damaged if you expose them to aerosol sprays. If you need to treat them with insecticides, be sure what you use is suitable for a palm.

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A Little Bit of History

The most demanding and biggest palms were grown in glass houses back in the Victorian and Edwardian times. The glass houses provided the warmth and lush humidity that they needed. The most resilient of the palms swayed over the comings and goings of the people through the hotel foyers and restaurants in all sorts of public places. Parlor palms graced the entrance halls and drawing rooms of the late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century homes.

Palms were displayed traditionally on ceramic palm stands. The palm would be planted in an ornamental jardiniere balanced on top of a matching pedestal. Using reproduction or original palm stands and displaying the palm plants in this manner in a period house decorated in the appropriate style, leaves an awesome display to be admired for years. However, you could also successfully supply an unusual feature in a modern interior. Any type of pedestal or pedestal table is a great way to make smaller palms stand out.

Final Thoughts

Caring for your indoor palm can surely be an exciting adventure for many of us gardeners. We at Karuna especially love a lit bit of feistiness in our plants. Being a tropical plant, having the sun above its head all day isn’t going to hurt it, unless its a sapling and in its growing stage. Have any doubts about indoor palms or would like to add something to this post? Do drop your words below in the comment section. Until next time.

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