Three Rarest Flowers in the World

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We all have a fascination for mystery. There are certain rare flowers that grow in the most abnormal of conditions and need very specific requirements for the flowers to bloom. Often, experienced gardeners and enthusiasts alike, love to dabble in this department so that they can grow their very own rare flowers. The accomplishment of growing your very own rare flowering plant can be rewarding. Without further ado, let us look at some the three most extraordinary plants on the planet.

Chocolate Cosmos

You may have seen Chocolate orchids, but if ever seen or gotten a whiff of Chocolate Cosmos, it would blow your mind! This amazing flower is native to Mexico and was thought out to be extinct in the wild for over 100 years. But did you know that the species survives as a single, non-fertile clone created in 1902 by propagation? The flowers are known for their rich deep-brown color and grow to about 3-4 cm in diameter. As the name suggests, Chocolate Cosmos emit a delicious vanilla fragrance in the summer (also found in vanilla beans, some coffee beans, and some cocoa beans). For being so rare and almost sweet enough to eat, Chocolate Cosmos holds a special place in our hearts!

Ghost Orchid

Ghost Orchid is one of the most unusual looking flowers on the planet. Not only is this plant really rare but it is fascinating as well. The Ghost Orchid is a plant that was presumed to be extinct for almost 20 years and only recently materialized again. This plant is so rare because it is near-impossible to propagate. For some reason, it has no leaves and does not use photosynthesis to manufacture its own food. Just like the Lady Slipper(another rare flower) needs a specific fungus in close contact with its root system to feed it. The Ghost Orchid can live underground for a number of years. The only place you can find this is in the forests of Cuba, and another variety, in Florida. The Ghost Orchid flowers emit fragrant odors and bloom between the months of June and August. In Cuba they grow on cypress trees in which they appear to float like ghosts; now you know where the name comes from. If you thought you were picky, listen to this-this flower can only be pollinated here by the giant sphinx moth and if their seeds land on a specific moss. Ghost orchids are very selective as to their growing conditions and this makes them a special challenge for even the most prolific gardener.

Youtan Poluo

While there have been several internet hoax regarding the sighting of Youtan Poluo, this parasitic tiny flower was actually found growing in Viet Linh on an aroid palm leaf. Botanists are still not able to find out if the plant is a moss or fungus. The Youtan Poluo or Udambara of Ficus racemosa measures just 1mm in diameter and is known to emit mild yet noticeable sandalwood-like fragrance.

People also misunderstand and confuse Youtan Poluo with the eggs of lacewings that lay eggs in thread-like structures. This helps the insect to keep the eggs apart, preventing cannibalism in the newly hatched eggs. However, one of the recent sightings of the flower in the year 2010 was reported by a Chinese nun in Jiangxi province. Miao Wei found these white flowers growing under the washing machine during cleaning. At first, she thought them to be the eggs of lacewings but by the next day, she claimed that flowers were bloomed and fragrant.

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