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Corporate Gardening Services

In today’s hectic corporate environment with cubicles and deadlines, your company can lose sight of how important your employee’s productivity is. Revamp your work atmosphere with loads of greenery to make your company stand apart and really relax your employee’s minds. Right from air purifying plants to full-grown trees for shades, Karuna nursery has everything to give your work culture…

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Vertical Garden

Regardless of where you live, we firmly believe that you can take advantage of some of the many benefits vertical gardening offers. When you garden vertically, you can increase your growing space especially when it is at a premium in a very tiny area. Save loads of precious garden space just like that. Plants are easier to reach by bringing…

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Rental Plants

You want to make a difference in your home or workplace with plants that stimulate the senses. But you need it to be quick, easy and affordable, too. This where the Karuna Nursery Rental program comes in. There are times where we just want a bunch of plants around. It may be for a wedding, a corporate function; whatever the…

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Landscape Work

Your garden landscape is the canvas upon which your beautiful flowers are going to be painted on. So you must know how important it is to have the right kind of pavers and irrigators for the best garden. Never underestimate how significant of a change a good landscaper can do to your garden. A well-scaped garden doesn’t allow for waterlogging…

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House & Terrace Garden

Need help with your garden? Karuna Nursery knows that a garden is more than just a bunch of plants growing together. It’s a thriving ecosystem that lives and breathes. It’s an aesthetic living art piece that should be safeguarded kept healthy. Whatever kind of garden you have in mind, our specialists know the most efficient way to put your dreams…

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