How to maintain your garden during summer season?

How do you know it’s summer? The ice-cream trucks are ringing in, the cyclists are taking up half the roads and the best fruits are now in season. Before you go running off to the beaches, you need to know if your garden is ready to handle the heat too. You have the option of setting down in your comfy homes under the air conditioner, but the same cannot be said for your plants. Especially the outdoor ones that get the brunt of rising temperatures and harsh sunlight. If you grow native plants, then this mostly will not be an issue as these ones have evolved to withstand these conditions. But if you are one for the more exotic kind of plants, where this blog will help you get a better idea of how to take care of your plants and maintain your garden this summer!

Invest in a shade

Most plants don’t fare well under direct sunlight. Harsh light rays can dehydrate your plant so fast and leave them all wilted, dry and weak. You can invest in the shade for your gardens and this will make things a lot better. But cutting unnecessary light, you have a healthy amount of sunlight that helps your garden in leaps and bounds. Be Careful while choosing the thickness of your fabric. Too thick and you will probably block out most of the sun. Find something balanced suited to the requirements of your plants. Get a shade right here at Karuna Nursery Gardens. We’ll help you find the perfect one suited to your garden. You can find shades on online stores and horticultural dealerships too.

Water at the correct time

This is a really important point. Instead of choosing to water your garden under the noon sun, choose a more reasonable time. Watering when it is hot outside is of practically no use. The heat is going to evaporate any water particles that is left on the plant and why would you want that. Choose a time in the early morning or late evening. This increases the percentage of water effectively used by your plant.


Drainage and soil moisture

It goes without saying that it’s summer and the moisture in your soil can reach critically low levels at breakneck speeds. If you dump too much you are going into loads of trouble through waterlogging. Too little and whats the whole point of watering. The best way is to use pots that have drainage holes and then letting the water seep through freely. When this is allowed to happen, the roots get a healthy environment to grow and make the plant stronger.


Color it up

Summer is the perfect time for flowering plants. By planting colorful plants that flower up or even ones with interesting leaf patterns can spice up your garden by loads. I for one, love home bougainvilleas that add a touch of class and wilderness to any garden. You can build a trellis that allows such plants to climb up and decorate walls too. A great idea will be to build such trellis above a particular height so that they act as a kind of shed and provide shade for plants below.


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