Plantation Pots


Potted plants infuse elegance and sophistication to the garden. It is a testimony that you are ready to traverse those extra miles to make your garden an enthralling visual escapade for the onlookers.
We at Karuna are quite proud of our collection as we have the largest collection of gardening pots in Chennai. If you thought that the visual potential and the material of the pot is all that matters, then think again. To step into the realm of a container garden the first priority should be given to choosing the right height of pots or planters.
If you are searching for the best place to buy gardening pots, you have found it. Our wide range covers all of your nursery gardening needs. Indoor pots for your urban home, ceramic, and terra-cotta for your greenhouse or estate garden to even concrete, stone or metal ones, there are thousands of shapes and sizes to choose from.
Drop by East Coast Road and visit Karuna Nursery to find the perfect pot for your perfect plant!