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  • Brahma Kamal - Karuna Nursery

    Brahma Kamal

    The Brahma Kamal is a rare mythological plant that has deep roots in Hinduism. Named after the God of Creation – Brahma, this flower is said to bring immense luck and prosperity to the person who watches it bloom. Vedas talk about the flower blooming once every 14 years but in actuality, it is quite […]

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  • Bodhi Tree - Karuna Nursery
  • Krishna Kamal - Karuna Nursery

    Krishna Kamal

    Everything about the Krishna Kamal, right from its colour, fragrance, shape, vines, and leaves is simply unique and magically beautiful. Krishna Kamal is more commonly known as the Passionflower. It is identified with the botanical name Passiflora incarnata. The flower from this plant holds a very significant position in our culture. With tons of references […]

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  • White Lotus - Karuna Nursery
  • Nyctanthes Arbor - Karuna Nursery
  • Speciosa - Karuna Nursery

    Paneer Pushpam

    This beautiful tree with large leaves and small white flowers is sometimes seen growing on our sandy and rocky shores. It is also planted in coastal parks and other public places. Although it’s botanical name is Guettarda speciosa and its common name is Beach Gardenia, this plant is better known in Paneer Pushpam in India. […]

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  • Pink Lotus - Karuna Nursery
  • Shiva Tree - Karuna Nursery
  • Mahavilvam - Karuna Nursery