Acanthocereus tetragonus [Triangle Cactus/Fairy Castle Cactus]

The fairy castle cactus is the colorful name by which the plant is marketed and refers to the numerous vertical stems of different heights that resemble spires and turrets.

Size XS S M
upto 6ft
Difficulty difficulty
Light difficulty
Full Sun
Moderate Shade
Full Shade

Botanical name: Acanthocereus tetragonus

Common names: Pickle Plant, Fairy Castle Cactus


It is a very slow growing plant that will eventually reach 6 feet tall. The stems on the fairy castle cactus plant are five-sided with wooly based spines along each plane. The limbs are a bright green turning woody and brown with age. Different branches are formed over time which slowly lengthens and produce an interesting silhouette. The fairy castle cactus rarely blooms. Cacti need perfect growing conditions to produce flowers and the plants in the Cereus family bloom at night. Fairy castle cactus flowers are large and white and usually will not occur until the plant is ten years old or more. If your cactus comes with a flower, examine it carefully. It is likely a fake bloom used as a marketing ploy. There is no need to remove the fake fairy castle cactus flower, as it will fall off by itself eventually.


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