Cylindropuntia fulgida [Jumping cholla]

The fairy castle cactus is the colorful name by which the plant is marketed and refers to the numerous vertical stems of different heights that resemble spires and turrets.

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Botanical name: Cylindropuntia fulgida

Common names: Jumping cholla


Jumping Cholla is a tree-like cactus with one low-branching trunk. It grows up to 13.3 feet (4 m) tall, with drooping branches of chained fruit. The stems are light green and are strongly tuberculate. Leaves have been reduced to spines, 6 to 12 of which grow from each areole. Young branches are covered with up to 1.2 inches (3 cm) long, silvery-yellow spines, which darken to a gray color with age. These spines form a dense layer that obscures the stems. The flowers are white and pink, streaked with lavender. They are up to 1 inch (2.5 cm) wide and are displayed at the joint tips (or old fruit tips), blooming in mid-summer.

They will grow just fine in a garden, they can be grown in pots as well. To repot, ensure the soil is dry, then remove the pot and knock away the old soil. After treating any cuts with fungicide, place the prickly pear in a new pot and backfill it with potting soil.


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