Sweet Lime [Citrus limetta]

Sweet lime, also known as ‘Mosambi’, is grown in the Northeast hills of India and is mostly available between July and August.

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Botanical name: Sweet Lime

Common names: Citrus limetta



The sweet lime (Citrus limettioides) has a number of names depending upon what language is being spoken. In French, sweet limes are called limettier doux. In Spanish, lima dulce. In India, mitha limbu, mitha nimbu or mitha nebu, with “mitha” meaning sweet. Other languages have their own names for the sweet lime and just to confuse matters, there is also a sweet lemon (C. limetta), which in some circles is also called a sweet lime. Sweet limes lack the acidity of other limes and, while sweet, the lack of tartness renders them almost bland to some tastes. Whatever you call them, there are basically two types of sweet lime, Palestine and Mexican sweet limes, as well as several sweet lime varieties grown in India. The most common, Palestine (or Indian) is an oblong to nearly round fruit with a rounded bottom. The peel is greenish to orange-yellow when ripe, smooth with obvious oil glands and thin. The interior pulp is pale yellow, segmented (10 segments), incredibly juicy, low on acid and with a slightly bitter to bland flavor. Palestine trees are large to shrubby, thorny and hardier than ordinary lime trees. This varietal also bears during the rainy season in India when other citrus is out of season


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