The best Creepy Climbers for your garden

Creeper - Karuna Nursery

There is something about climbers and creepers that just set them apart from a regular old plant. I like that fact that they are not the kind to be controlled within a simple pot. These lively chaotic growers stretch and strain their ways to fill up your garden in the most beautiful way. What’s even better? If you have a lame looking wall that needs covering up, a creeper can be a perfect choice.

Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides)

This is not like your everyday normal Jasmin, that will strangle other plants. The star Jasmin is a bit more companion friendly. Although it does display a similar flower, vining habit, and strong sweet scent, there is something that just sets it apart. The star jasmine has a beautifully scented white flower prolific in spring and summer and can be grown in a pot or the ground with medium vigor. It has beautiful evergreen vines with thick glossy leaves that likes sun to semi-shade and grows in all but the coldest zones.


If you need to screen off an unsightly area or cover a bare wall, passionfruit could your the perfect choice. Everyone wants the tailor-made multi-function plant. Passionfruit can be that for you. These aromatic climbers love the tropical and sub-tropical climate and are prolific growers making short work of your exposed pergola, chain wire fence or trellis. The downside is that it may take up to 18-months for your plant to reach fruiting maturity, in the mean, time you’ve got an easy-care climbing screen.

Bougainvillea (Bougainvillea spp.)

We all know about bougainvilleas. They are available in a range of beautiful bright colors from shades of red, purple, pink, orange and cream. They are known to be fast growing climbers,  but often can be a tad thorny. Bougainvilleas are easy to grow around most tropical and subtropical zones and are the perfect addition to the garden if you are up for it. These are just great for hiding away low fences, pergolas or walls. Did you know that they can also be grown as a small shrub in full sun or in a pot?

Wisteria (Wisteria sinensis)

There is a whole variety of wisteria available on the market with white, pink or purple flowers and a delicious perfume. But Wisteria Sinensis is a deciduous climber that will grow over structures such as pergolas and fences for summer shade yet allow through the winter sun. You can even train them to grow as a standard or over a fence. These lovely plants like a sheltered position in full sun and will grow in most of India except right up in the tropical north.

White potato creeper (Solanum jasminoides)

The white potato creeper can be one of the most misleading names in the botanical realm. This plant features a lovely white star-shaped flower and grows with medium to high vigor in most parts of this vast land except for the coldest zones. They are known for flowering from summer right through to late June in the milder parts. The White potato creeper has a characteristic light evergreen twining habit which is hardy and fast-growing, likes full sun, plenty of moisture but a well-drained soil. Always have a special eye on it because it might just get away from you!

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