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Isn’t this the most annoying thing you find when your favorite plant’s leaves start drooping? Yeah, I know, it can be quite a sad affair. I can hear your inner screams – “I gave you my everything you spoilt plant!”. It’s quite obvious that droopy leaves aren’t exactly signs of good health for your plant. But finding out exactly why this happened is not so straightforward. Read on to learn what to do when leaves are falling off houseplants. Before you get too upset about a houseplant dropping leaves, keep in mind that houseplant leaf drop may not even be a problem. Even healthy houseplants drop leaves from time to time – especially the lower leaves. However, if leaves falling from houseplants aren’t replaced by healthy ones, consider the following possibilities.

Changes in the Environment

Some plants can really be sensitive to their environment. Even the slightest change in the temperature, watering patterns and even changes in the lighting can have a drastic effect on your plant. This often happens when a new plant is moved from a greenhouse environment to your home, when outdoor plants are moved indoors for the winter, or after a plant is repotted or divided. Sometimes, a plant may rebel when it’s moved to a different room. Often (but not always), houseplant leaf drop due to environmental changes is temporary and the plant will rebound.

Water & Humidity

Watering your plant is not as simple as it sounds. Just pouring in loads of water whenever you wish and keeping it full on hydrates should not be your game plan. Did you know that plants are just prone to die off from water logging & over watering just even more than from dehydration and drying? It is a very fine line to tread. Although some indoor plants like consistently moist (but never soggy) soil, most plants shouldn’t be watered until the top of the potting mix feels slightly dry. Use lukewarm water, as very cold water may cause houseplant leaf drop, especially during the winter months. Certain plants are prone to leaf drop when the air is very dry. A humidity tray with a layer of wet pebbles is one effective way to rectify low humidity. It may also help to group plants together.

Hot and Cold

This is one that affects plants that have been moved from the outside world to an indoor environment all of a sudden. Things outside are kind of different. The temperature changes are more predictable and moderate. In an indoor environment, especially an office, the temperature changes can be more or less erratic. We all know that work friend with those erratic AC trigger fingers. Keep plants away from drafty doors and windows. Be careful of placing plants on windowsills, which may be too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Keep plants away from fireplaces, air conditioners, and heat vents.

Final Thoughts

I hope that this blog helps you understand some of the main causes of dropping leaves on plants. Know that you know why this happens, make sure you check all the ticks and find out the perfect place to grow your plant. With that in mind, keep moving forward and the best of luck with future gardening from Karuna Nursery. Until next time.

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