Why Roses?

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Roses have a long and colorful history. They have been symbols of love, beauty, war, and politics. roses have been the most popular choice of flowers for the purpose of gifting across the world. They also act as a great addition to home and office decor. A bunch of roses or even a single rose works wonders aesthetically and considerably enlivens a place. Besides fresh cut roses, artificial flowers like silk roses in different colors are also widely used as decoration. Roses like good, rich soil. When planting them, make sure to mix in generous portions of compost and manure into the native garden soil. If compost is not available, add store-bought peat moss mixed with cow manure. You might think you need to be a seasoned green thumb when it comes to caring for and tending rose bushes. Not so! With the right tools and knowledge, you can have fragrant blooms that are the envy of the neighborhood. Rose bushes are available in a variety of colors. Some nurseries, like Karuna Nursery are multi-colored and said to be like owning three roses in one due to the variety of colors displayed in the blooming process.  Choose colors that accent your home, or simply your favorites.


Rose bushes come in a variety of forms, from climbing roses to miniature rose plants, blooming mainly in early summer and fall. One way to group roses into classes is according to their date of introduction:

Old roses—also called “old-fashioned roses” and “heirloom roses”—are those introduced prior to 1867. These are the lush, invariably fragrant roses found in old masters’ paintings. There are hundreds of old rose varieties—whose hardiness varies—providing choices for both warm and mild climates.

Modern hybrid roses, introduced after 1867, are sturdy, long-blooming, extremely hardy and disease-resistant, and bred for color, shape, size, and fragrance. The hybrid tea roses, with one large flower on a long cutting stem, are one of the most popular hybrids.

Species, or wild roses, are those that have been growing wild for many thousands of years. These wild roses have been adapted to modern gardens and usually bloom from spring to early summer. Most species roses have single blossoms.

Choosing from all the possibilities can be a daunting task. Take your time and wander through Karuna nursery website.

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